Goodbye To Huge Advertising Budget

5X your sales and Spend 10X Less, in time and money to achieve your sales goals


Salesbunny is an Adtech startup redefining the way advertising is done. It is well known that advertising is essential for generating sales for any business. We are redefining the way Small and Medium Scale enterprises (SMEs) advertise their products and services.

We developed  a solution that leverages the most effective form of advertising (word of mouth marketing) to help the brand reach its target customer, saving money spent on advertising and marketing while still guaranteeing predictable sales

As a merchant on Salesbunny

You get access to over 1000 trained promoters working round the clock to promote your product and services helping reach your target audience.

Using Traditional Advertising (Print and Videos) on Newspapers, magazines. You are guaranteed eye reach but not the sales, In Digital Marketing, you are also guaranteed an increased reach, but on Salesbunny, You are paying for actual sales generated, this leading to saving in Advertising expenses and an increase in sales by up tom 500%. The added advantage is, You get to pay a commission after actual sales are made.

Below is an explainer video of how the platform works

With a Premium 1 year Subscription, You get access to the platform for a year, product recommendation for promoters, Lower commissions on Products sold by promoters, Zero commission on products bought by customers without promoter influence.

In addition

★A functional e-commerce store

★Inventory management

★Order management

★Logistics solution

★And so much more

Buy your Salesbunny Premium Merchant Subscription and start enjoying the fun way to profit

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