You are most likely here because a promoter referred you, just like how over a thousand promoters will refer customers to buy your products when you become a sales bunny merchant

Just as you’re signing up now, without ever interacting with the salesbunny team. In this manner, you will also get orders for your products, without having to initiate contact with a single customer.

Why is Salesbunny Better

The truth is Using Traditional Advertising (Print and Videos) on Newspapers, magazines etc will guarantee eye reach but not the sales.

With Digital Marketing, you are also guaranteed an increased reach For these means of advertising you pay first then anticipate sales whereas with Salesbunny, you are paying for actual sales generated, this leading to saving in Advertising expenses and an increase in sales by up to 500%.

With a Salesbunny Merchant Account You Get:

So What are You Paying For?

With the Salesbunny premium

Get access to a Premium Promoter account for 1 Year extra Free

Incentive for Promoters to promote your product over other products

Lower commissions on Products sold by promoters

Zero commission on products bought by customers without promoter’s influence.

Functional E-commerce store
Inventory management
Order management
Logistics solution
Products and brand
positioning consultations
Promoters incentivization
for brand focus
AI recommendation of Product
and brand to promoters
Zero commission on sales
made without promoters
Lower commissions on sales
made by promoters
Maximum No of products
Maximum No of Monthly sales
Salesbunny Africa
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