In order to meet the needs of individuals and businesses who are in desperate need of a website and remain cost conscious, Bolt Pages has been created. The almost-ready websites are a tailored solution for business owners who might not be very clear on what they want their websites to look like but have a specific objective or goal in mind. It provides them with the framework on which their website would be built on and gives them an idea of what the final result will be and how quickly it can be delivered.


We want to get your website up and running as fast as you want to start getting value from your website. As soon as you sign up we’re in touch within 12 hours to get things rolling. The time taken to deliver Bolt Pages is comparatively lower. The entire process of development and delivery of a fully, functional website spans for as little as one or two weeks period.


We understand that everyone has a different budget they are willing to spend on their website. Some businesses are just starting out and might not afford to pay for a custom-built website. Because we believe a set budget shouldn’t limit you from achieving your business goals, we have developed this product to cater to your website needs at an affordable rate.


Considering that website visitors access websites using a diverse range of devices such as conventional desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Bolt pages keep up with the latest responsive and adaptive web design trends to build engaging user flow that will make websites feel and look great across all kinds of devices.

Customers and prospects also gauge the effectiveness of your services through your website therefore business owners should never settle for less than a beautifully crafted website regardless of what their budget is. We will build a website that offers what it promises. It will include a global quality design that is economical.

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